Feb 27, 2009


.the.horror.has.gone.... .it's.become.the.darkness.

Feb 24, 2009


God visits all lost souls
To survey the damage
We noticed a bonfire
Burning in his eyes

He whispered
"It's the atrocities of your story
Of your story"

God visits all lost souls
To survey the damage
And holding his bleeding heart
A tear comes to his eye
He whispered
It's the atrocities of History

Then he falls to the floor
For there's many more tears on the sunrise
And now we must eat those tears
Now we must eat our fill
Of the Atrocities

Lyrics by Antony & The Johnsons

Feb 23, 2009



Feb 5, 2009


'And this is the road I walked on
When I shot you down
All words of forgiveness useless
They won't help me now
And I should've been there for you
When you called my name
I promise to tread more lightly
Though what's gone is gone
It's such a shame

Here come the darkest birds
They've got their reasons
All their pretty colours are gone
Washed out of season'

Nine Horses Lyrics

Feb 4, 2009


'Time wears away
All the pleasures of the day
All the treasures you could hold
Days turn to sand
Losing strength in every hand
They can't hold you anymore

Already dead to me now
'Coz it feels like I'm watching something die'

Beck lyrics